8 Best Multiplayer Games for Android Users 2015

Playing games have always been fun. There are even some amazing multiplayer games for Android and iOS available which you can play online with your friends.

Single player games are usually more appealing because you can play them anytime, but a multiplayer game is more interactive and fulfilling. Android multiplayer games are better because you can either join forces with other players or fight against your friends, which brings out a certain type of joy when you manage to destroy your friend, but it’s all in good fun. Here are the Top 8 Best Multiplayer games that are free for Android and considered the best in 2015:

Multiplayer Android Games:

Multiplayer Android Games 2015

Multiplayer Android Games 2015

Raging Thunder 2

Raging Thunder 2 is the sequel of the previous Raging Thunder 3D racing game for Android by Polarbits AB. This version is lot more extreme, faster and exhibits brilliant 3D gameplay abilities and visuals for Android phones! Using accelerometer control your vehicle in order to score bonuses, evading other hurdles and drivers as making them havoc in the quickest time possible to win the race. The game boasts single play with Survival Mode, Instant Race, Time Attack, Career Mode or Arcade; plus online multiplayer modes. You can install this best Android multiplayer game from the Play Store.

Pocket legends

Pocket Legends is a Free online, fantasy adventure, multiplayer and 3D MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). This blockbuster made its entry on the iPad and still a most favorite among gamers where players are put on the role of an elf, hawk, or a bear and struggle to protect the world of Alterra from aliens, crocs, zombies, and more! Play online with friends in fast-breaking PVP or Co-Op action.

CSR Racing

This game is all about drag racing – so you don’t have to mind about steering, rather than need to concentrate on changing gears at the right moment. The game features about 80 licensed cards from popular car manufacturers like McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti and Aston Martin. When racing in multi-player mode, you’ve the chance to unlock new cars. You can download this best multiplayer Android game for free from the Play Store.

Ice Age Village

A more family friendly game is Ice Age Village inspired by the famous Ice Age Movies. This game combines city-building with exploring the frozen world for over 200 of new animals and mini-games like Kung Fu Scrat and Sid’s Egg Rescue. You can also virtually check out your friends villages or participate in events made to improve your village. The game has items that can be purchased within the app and this game is made by Gameloft.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The very experienced Gameloft company has created another great Android game that rightfully deserves a place in this top. Racing fans must definitely have to try out Asphalt 8: Airborne because it is one of the best Android racing game that includes high-speed aerial stunts and dynamic performances. The game offers luxury cars, exotic locations and it can be simultaneously played with your friends. The game has amazing visual effects and real-time geometry reflections and can play with up to 12 opponents. Get your dream car and enjoy this racing simulator while defeating your friends score.

Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is a unique game where you must drive well to get points. No racing, no Grand Theft Auto-style driving where you hit everything. Just some clean city and highway driving. The multiplayer isn’t so in depth here as you get access to leaderboards and achievements. The challenge comes in trying to beat the game, which is very frustrating the longer you go. It’s a fun game and free to play.

Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village

Clash of Clans

One of the best rated Android game on Google Play has reached the 2015 top of android multiplayer games, the renowned Clash of Clans. Although you’ve most likely already tried this game know that it allows you to build your own village and transform it into a fortress. You’ll build up your own army of archers, wizards, dragons, barbarians or any other worldwide known fighters. Join forces with your friends and build the ultimate clan that will win the clan wars. Basically, this game allows you to build your own clan and fight to rule over the Clash of Clans world. The game has been built by Supercell in 2012 and it has remained popular ever since.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

The venerable Minecraft makes this list because, well, it’s Minecraft and everyone loves it. The game doesn’t tout multiplayer on the face of it but with tens of thousands of servers worldwide it’s easy to join up in a server with others and play or you can create your own for just your friends. It’s a never ending where creativity rules the day. It’s been popular for years and it’ll be popular for more. The only potential con is the price tag at $6.99 but it’s really not that bad of a price for a game you can play forever.

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