Best Android Games for two people

There are several Game loft titles in this list of worthy multiplayer Android games, but the newest is arguably the most impressive of the lot.

Games on the smartphones are something which is liked by the people as it provides them some sort of pleasure in their day to day busy life. Within this article we have gathered details about ten such android games which are consequently the best in their segment. Their list has been prepared on the basis of popularity of the games around the Google Play Store. If you are a new android user and you like playing games this is one such post that is surely going to help you a great deal.

Best Android Games for two people

Best Android Games for two people

Multiplayer gaming on mobile is definitely an area that’s been slowly growing in popularity.

To be able to link up and play friends over the internet using a mobile device was, ironically for any communications device, a rarity up to now, but a growing number of modern releases are in possession of the necessary wherewithal built-in at launch.

There’s still the most popular problem of under-populated servers to deal with, an issue that all platforms – mobile or otherwise – run into over the course of a game’s lifespan.

But when you have a few Android gaming friends handy, listed here are our suggestions for the first ten multiplayer games you need to all be playing.

Modern Combat 2

You can’t get far better an Android online FPS experience than Modern Combat 2 at this time.

While the single-player game is an exciting string of set-pieces and shoot-outs within the style of Call of Duty, the multiplayer is actually a complete pilfering of that game’s features – experience levels, modes, and all sorts of.

Considering that game is still the most widely used online shooter available on consoles, that’s not this type of bad thing when you think about it.

Starfront: Collision HD

There are many Game loft titles within this list of worthy multiplayer Android games, but the newest could well be the most impressive of the lot.

Starfront is really a fully-featured StarCraft clone that comes with three distinct races, three lengthy campaigns, along with a full, no-holds barred four-player multiplayer mode over Gameloft Live!

You are able to play this either in a group of two (against two) a treadmill vs one, and while there are several seriously good players already plying their trade online, it’s really worth checking out if you’re a real-time strategy fan.

Dungeon Hunter 2

If Dungeon Defenders’s tower defence leanings aren’t the way you like, then maybe the annoyingly addictive Diablo clone Dungeon Hunter 2 could be more up your street?

Dungeon Hunter is really a genuinely well-tuned loot-whoring action-RPG that will have you sleeping thinking about levels and XP, instead of work and deadlines.

The multi player mode is exactly what the game’s all about – four players teaming as much as bash and loot the hell out of randomly created 3D dungeons. You can’t improve than that.

Reckless Racing

Racing aficionados are spoilt for choice with regards to Android games to choose from, but no other titles compare to rivaling Reckless Racing within the multiplayer stakes.

The combination of skill-based driving and quick races means its challenging get out of the dreaded ‘multiplayer loop’ when the game has its tyres tracks into you.

It’s equally well, as the single-player is a little on the short side when compared with others in the genre.

However, the superb handling, beautiful graphics, and vindictive, dirty racing that ensues online should easily help you stay and your friends occupied for a lot longer.


Turn-based strategy games don’t sound like the perfect bedfellows with Miss Online Multiplayer, but when you give Uniwar a go you may find yourself questioning your beliefs.

There’s a shedload of single-player missions to blast right through to get you up to speed with handling the 27 different units available, but once you’ve got your bearings you are able to play up to 20 games at the same time against armchair generals from around the world.

The graphics look just a little simple nowadays, the game being around for a number of years on mobile devices, but don’t let looks deceive you – Uniwar continues to be a fantastic multiplayer strategy game.

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