Download Top 7 Best Shooting Android Games 2014

Android games have always been dependent on attention for the users. The people are fond of Android games and that is reason that there are thousands of updates of best Android games in every month.

Featuring high-intensity firefights and flashy graphics, shooting games are a longstanding gamer favorite on every platform, and Android isn’t any exception. Whether you’re looking for gritty first-person shooters, cartoon violence, or even the best of bullet-hell shoot’em ups. Here are the following list you can download top 7 free best shooting Android games.

Zombie Gunship

Best Shooting Android Games 2014

Best Shooting Android Games 2014

Zombie Gunship is another unique premise of an old concept. You’ll be mowing down nearly endless hoards of zombies as if you usually do in zombie games. However, rather than the usual methods, you’ll be manning a gun on the helicopter and mowing them down in the sky. It features a fun graphic layout that appears like you’re looking through a scope the whole time which is a nice touch. The thing is that you’ll be providing safety for survivors when you shoot. You lose once they die. It’s free to play and it’s pretty fun.

Major Mayhem

Those looking for something a little more old school will most likely like Major Mayhem. It’s side scrolling shooter in which you must shoot bad guys in the background while you travel in the foreground. The graphics are colorful and fun even when they’re not as realistic as a few of these other games. You’ll also get over 100 achievements to unlock, 45 missions, and 4 game modes. It’s free to play and currently comes with an astounding 4.7 rating within the Google Play Store.

Dead Trigger 1 and 2

Dead Trigger 1 and 2 are iconic first person shooters which are all about mowing down the zombies. The franchise can be quite popular and millions of people have played these titles. Dead Trigger 2 was released to positive reviews and it features the best graphics on the mobile platform. The thing is that Dead Trigger 1 is still pretty fantastic on the grand scheme of things so we decided to include both of them. You really can’t go wrong wither way and they’re both liberated to play!

Deer Hunter 2014

Deer Hunter happens to be a pretty popular game and also the Android version is no different. Within this title you assume the very first person perspective and shoot a bunch of animals. The graphics are above average for a mobile game also it features a lot of scenarios, weapons, and animals to shoot. Some may not like the prospect of shooting animals but it’s just a video game. It’s free to play therefore it own’t cost you anything to try it out.


Epoch is what is called a cover shooter (it’s easy to shoot from behind cover) and it’s even the first game on this list having a real story line. The graphics and story are generally pretty good and there is enough jumping and shooting to help keep you busy for a while. It’s also one of the few that have taken full benefit of the touch screen because you must swipe and tap the right path pretty much everywhere and it’s not the same old joystick mechanics. It’s $2.78 that is actually cheaper than many of these games.

Deer hunter 2014

Deer hunter 2014

Modern Combat 4 and 5

The Modern Combat series didn’t start out that well however the last two iterations have been phenomenal. So phenomenal that they’re considered iconic. Whether or not gamers prefer Modern Combat 4 or 5 more is solely determined by their preferences so rather than recommending one, we’re recommending both. Both of them feature top-of-the-line first person shooter action with a decent campaign mode. Modern Combat 5 has (predictably) better graphics along with a more robust multiplayer experience. They’re both $6.99 but the two has in app purchases.

Fields of Battle

Fields of Battle has all the hallmark features of a shooter. It’s decent graphics, first person shooting, online multiplayer, along with a bunch of other features. However, rather than shooting bullets at bad guys, you’re shooting paint balls. Additionally, it features some top notch customization and lots of content for players to savor. It’s a great game and it’s also great for people who don’t want the blood and gore of the traditional shooter while still having all the elements that make a shooter fun.

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