Best Free iPhone 4S Games In 2012

Free iPhone games into your phone, hence we bring just for you a list of top some best free iPhone 4S games in 2012.

Games are one of those attractive iPhone apps for which we all want to use their iPhone, especially when you are looking at free game apps than we all want to grab them before the other gets them. But because of limited memory space you cannot get all of the free iPhone games into your phone, hence we bring only for you a list of top some best free iPhone 4S games in 2012. These iPhone apps, using the incredible iPhone 4S features, are really will make your experience for games truly wonderful.

Amoebas Attack

Amoebas Attack iphone games 2012

Amoebas Attack iphone games 2012

Let’s begin with Amoebas Attack, a multi-layered twin-stick shooter from Pixofactor with a few brilliant gameplay and a fun biological twist.

You play being an antibody, and while you’ll be doing a lot of the expected enemy blasting and cell absorbing, the sport unfolds on multiple layers similar to Flow on the PS3, to be able to choose to travel into higher layers for additional difficulty or lower ones for any gentler ride. Combined with the mutations that occur whenever you collect enough cells, unlocking new abilities along the way, you’ll find that there’s a lot of flexibility in the best way to play Amoebas Attack.


Following the success of Tilt to reside, the developers have attempted to prove that they aren’t a one-trick pony, and Outwitters may be the result.

A turn-based strategy affair played on the hex grid, Outwitters is a colourful and challenging game with three different (I am talking about very different) factions, and some great action. Outwitters eschews complexity towards emphasizing strategy and equality; each faction has got the same basic units, and damage amounts are consistent, and therefore – aside from the faction-specific specialty units – you’re essentially playing a game title of tricky chess.

Game Center integration is very handled, with everything working seamlessly and providing the kind of social gaming experience you realized. The one downside is that there is currently no offline or AI mode, and therefore you’ll either have to play online with friends, or ask them to beside you and pass the unit back and forth.

Amazing Spider-Man

Get ready for intense web-slinging action using the Amazing Spider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app of the highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play with the movie storyline as Spider-Man faces off from the Lizard and rampaging gangs. Web-sling and crawl the right path across an open, fully 3D Ny while using your amazing skills in order to save the city.

  • The official game of 2012’s long awaited Super-Hero blockbuster
  • Fight the Lizard and his minions to place a stop to his dark schemes
  • Full-3D Nyc with cutting-edge graphics, advanced shaders and visual effects
  • Explore an open-world Manhattan, from Central Park to Times Square
  • Enjoy lots of action in more than 25 immersive missions
  • An exciting and enjoyable fighting system with hand-to-hand, ranged, combo attacks and more

Tiny Wings

Amazing Spider-Man iphone games 2012

Amazing Spider-Man iphone games 2012

This app is known as Tiny Wings, and there’s a good reason it’s known as that as you control an extremely plump bird who’s a little short in the wing department and requires the help of the local terrain to be able to help him/her fly. This terrain almost exclusively includes hills of varying degrees and taking advantage of the one touch control to fold your wings, and for that reason gain speed on the downhill sections, you are able to hopefully launch yourself in to the air on the uphill section; the larger you fly the faster you decide to go and the more points you receive.

The gameplay is pretty much like past classics like Canabalt and Robot Unicorn attack, although it’s more forgiving because the scroll rate is determined by your speed and also you won’t be immediately penalised if you decelerate, although it will make for a shorter game. Altogether an elegant little title, and worth the 69p download.

Sonic CD

Like most of Sega’s Sonic apps around the iPhone, you get the usual game pad around the left, with A and B buttons around the right. They are responsive enough to really make it feel like you don’t have any cheap deaths in most cases send Sonic running in the right direction.

The particular idea of Sonic CD is no dissimilar to the other MegaDrive games, in that you just need to go to the end of a 2D racetrack collecting coins. The twist is available in the time travelling element, that allows Sonic to jump between past and future versions from the level, to see how its layout might change. It keeps the sport interesting and is a particular bonus for individuals who plan on doing multiple playthroughs.

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  1. Missing out of this list are apps featuring (like Siri) which come pre-installed on the iPhone, even though they are certainly not to become overlooked.

    The YouTube, Maps, and Clocks apps particularly should not be ignored, as the iTunes, Music (formerly called iPod), and App Store apps typically visit a fair share of well-deserved usage, however i suppose you technically taken care of them since you bought the telephone, so they are not really free.

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