Top 6 Addictive Free Multiplayer Games Android Device

Here is a list of 6 best multiplayer Android games that you will get addicted to.

Nowadays smartphones and tablets are powerful enough to beat many desktop computers in terms of raw processing power and graphics. Back in old days portable gaming consoles maintained for their quality graphics in handheld gaming device, however smartphones and tablets have reached at a point where they are able to beat those old school handheld gaming consoles. Most of the people in this generation are hooked on smartphones and tablets and something primary use of smartphones and tablets is perfect for gaming. Developers offering some high-end games on Android, iOS and Windows platform has not only attracted a lot of customers, however the in-app purchases model helps developers generate revenue in the existing game even after the user has purchased the game.

Top 6 Addictive Free Multiplayer Android Games

Top 6 Addictive Free Multiplayer Android Games

And when you love gaming, you might be interested in multiplayer gaming because there is another thrill when you beat your pals or play with them and finish any challenge, you can challenge your pals by becoming the top scorer or challenge these to beat you thus added an enjoyable experience to any game. And that’s the reason any simple low quality multiplayer game could be more addictive to play than any high-end single player game on Android. So, if you are looking for multiplayer android games, here is our listing of best multiplayer games that works with internet, WiFi or even Bluetooth and you can challenge your Friends from Facebook to beat you.

Internet Based Multiplayer Android Games:

Asphalt 8

One of the most popular arcade racing game on Android along with other mobile platforms. The game features in app purchases together with different super cars to choose from. You can race in different seasons and tracks, real-time multiplayer mode with 8 opponents and perform stunts while racing. The sport is available for free on Google Play.

Real boxing

If you want boxing, then this game can provide all the thrill with stunning graphics, support for gaming controllers, multiplayer mode, different action modes, customize your character and fight in various arenas. The game comes paid on Google Play.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

One of the best action packed first person shooter game with thrilling gameplay and graphics modern combat 4 is apparent option if you love fps shooting games. The sport features different gameplay modes together with multiplayer mode and over 20,000 weapon arrangements. The game comes paid on Google Play.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Battle against demons with 4 different characters, fight more and upgrade your skills and strength, thrilling multiplayer mode and death match mode to battle against other warriors. You are able to upgrade your weapons, the game has in app purchases and it is available for free on Google Play.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Dungeon Hunter 4

Subway Surfers

Another popular arcade game on Android, dodge trains and coaches while running across different countries, surf, hover, jump while collecting coins and special powers, unlock or buy characters, and enjoying inspector and dog chasing you when you glide over trains. The app is free of charge on Google Play.

Haypi Kingdom

Haypi Kingdom is really a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. When playing farmville, Android users are ancient generals boosting kingdoms via production, techs, army training, waging wars, and even chatting with other players.

The sport does feature HD images for all those Android devices that can support the full HD graphics and you’ll gain a better experience for those who have Android tablet devices.

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