Top 6 Best Fighting Games for Android 2015

Looking for some best fighting games to play on your Android device? See our selection of the best free Android fighting games and enjoy your free time with the best fights.

Best fighting games for Android featuring extreme action packed combats and high quality graphics to fill your phone or tablet screen. Do you love action movies and video games that are filled with hardcore fights?, then download these fighting games on your Android device from the Google Play Store. Some of them are free of cost and some have a price tag. These are the fighting games you need to know about for 2015!

Best Fighting Games, You Must Play

Fighting Games for Android 2015

Fighting Games for Android 2015

Chaos Fighters

Chaos Fighter sports tremendous amount of fighters that you have to battle your way through and not only you have hordes of fighting skills and combos to work your way through, you also have to be strategic to make sure you make the most out of your fighting combinations. This fighting game runs on a reward system and with a network, and you compete against players all around the world. Some of the versions have been susceptible to crashing although Coco Entertainment International claims to have fixed such problems in the new updates.

X Street Fight

One of the best arcade games available on the Android. The game is based on the fighting system of Street Fighter and King of Fighters. The gameplay is very smooth, and it is not that difficult to try out skill moves. You get fun moves to try out, and you can actually see your moves acting punishment on your enemies. The game is the vintage definition of Old School, and you will have a ball with it, especially if you like to play fighting games on consoles.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a Mortal Combat style fighting game, in which you have to destroy a terrorist group. It is a fun fighting game ‘one against one’, for you to enjoy on your phone. You can select your own character to compete. In the course of the game will be new powers and elements that you can use in your fights that will help you defeat your enemies.

Real Boxing

If you want a good boxing game to play on your Android, which works very well on touch, you can try the Real Boxing game for Android. Facilities include a career mode where you have to fight 30 boxers with a multiplayer realtime, weekly tournaments, support for gamepads, and allows us to create and customize our boxer.

Real Boxing for Android

Real Boxing for Android

Fighting Tiger – Liberal

Fighting Tiger is a 3D style arcade game, and the main character uses different Chinese martial arts to ward off enemies. The story revolves around the main character trying to leave his gang and the gang being not too keen on leaving him alone. Apart from using martial arts to deter your opponents you can also use a weapon to deal swift punishment on the enemy. Fighting Tiger Liberal is an addictive game.

Contra Evolution

One of the most addictive and hardest games ever made on a console and gave way to games like street fighter, street of rage, metal slug and different others. The game has been recently revamped for Android and iOS, and the fans cannot be happier. One of my most cherished memories is fighting heavy machinery with Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer, and I have realized it on the epic Android system again. The game’s graphics are upgraded to suit the modern gaming systems, and you can go on an epic fighting game adventure again with just a single tap on your Android device.

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