Top 7 Best Android Games of the Month November 2015

We have a great collection of Android games for you to enjoy, with casual puzzles, HoPiKo, ski safari 2 and exos saga etc. Here is the list of top 7 Android games for the month of November.

This is one of the amazing months and being the starting-week of the month you need not to get bored but make your mind active by playing games in the top chart for these week. If you are a hard core gamer then this week gives you an amazing opportunity to play the best and latest games .The rapid rise in the smart phone technological level has also made the game developers to also come up with amazing and very powerful games.

Here is the list of top 7 Android games for the month of November. These are the most popular android games and you can get from Google play store and enjoy without the phantom of in-app. Choose your favorite android games 2015 and install now. Enjoy.

7 Best Android Games: November 2015

Android Games of November 2015

Android Games of November 2015

Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari 2 continues on the popularity of the first game, but adds tons of new improvements as well as new levels to love. The main goal is to race down the mountain and escape the dangers screaming towards you like avalanches, lava, and more. You can ride various vehicles and employ the help of some friendly animals in the process.

Puzzle & Glory

This is the latest title from SEGA and is a mix of match-3 puzzle and RPG games. There is some story-based content as well as multiple characters to play in a fantasy-based setting, but combat is all carried out like a match 3 puzzle title where you have to match like-colored gems to unleash attacks and special skills. You can even play with friends, create guilds, and compete in PvP combat against other players.

Big Bang Galaxy

This scientific space battles are here with 3D graphics on android mobile phones. Download this game and fly in the space in space ships and fight against your enemies there. Create an impenetrable defense, work together to take down your titans, establish a star above your home planet, full starship controls in battles, collect and command them, size: 65.8 MB. Built up a strong space base, laboratories, factories, towers etc. the game features are purely bliss. Huge galaxy, different kinds of ships, improvised base, battles and play the game with friends for free.

Exos Saga

While games like Eternity Warriors 4 are more about the action, Exos Saga is an RPG that is more about the story. That doesn’t mean it skimps on the action, or the pretty visuals though. This is a side-scrolling RPG with completely hand drawn art so both combat and the game overall look great, and it offers up both single player and Multiplayer gameplay elements. You can collect tons of heroes to build up the perfect team and aside from normal quests you can engage in daily and raid dungeons, the arena to test your skills against other players, and the once-a-day treasure island to pick up daily rewards.


HoPiKo is a game all about reflexes. You’ll need to be fast and on point to make sure you advance through this gauntlet of nanobyte viruses that killed off video games. Each level is split up into five mini stages where you’ll start off on a platform with a main goal of trying to destroy the nanobytes on that stage. Various obstacles stand in your way and you’ll have to not only navigate around them but you’ll have to do it quickly before time runs out and you have to start all over.

Exos Saga for Android

Exos Saga for Android

Freeze! 2

Freeze! 2, just like the original game is a puzzle arcade title where you’ll be trying to help the game’s characters escape from the alien prison by twisting and rotating the screen in just the right way to help them advance. With the same great gameplay of the original but even more levels to play through and updated graphics that make the game look better than the first, Freeze! 2 should captivate any lover of puzzles.


If you’re in the mood for some knightly adventures, SirVival looks to provide you with just that. The gameplay feels like a sidescrolling platformer laced with action, and you’ll play as the brave knight Sir Vival as he races to rescue the princess Parsnip. Armed with your trusty horse you can jump to avoid traps and other dangers, punch enemies in the face with your lance and explore a handful of wondrous lands all animated to appear in a storybook sort of art style.

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