Top Console Quality Games for Android

There are lots of the Console Quality Games for Android devices. Many people play video console quality games on their android devices without bothered.

Top Console Quality Games for Android

Console Games for Android

There are lots of the Console Quality Games for Android devices. Many people play video console quality games on their android devices without bothered. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn that a number of the best titles on the Google Play Store are ports of home console hits.The largest talking point among android smartphone manufacturers is getting a phone to display console quality graphics. The iPhone and Android phones have proven to be great with 2D games, but not so much when it comes to 3D gaming. The results so far, barring titles like Infinity Blade, have proven to be dreamcast level at best. With all of that in mind, allow us to pick out the Top console conversions on Android for you. So, if your Xbox 360 has suddenly decided to play silly buggers, console yourself with these beauties. If you own a android smartphone, you know that the device in your pocket has the potential to do more than just make calls. The device runs on an OS giving you access to an android app store that gives you the ability to download apps games and more for both free and a price.

World of Goo 2D BOY

2D Boy’s World of Goo started life on PC, but it really made a name for itself when it appeared on the Nintendo Wii. Its immersive structure-building gameplay requires a steady hand, which suits the Wii’s motion controls well. Saying that, your Android’s touchscreen is even better for this job!

Granny Smith

Granny Smith is far and away, by miles, the best Android game of 2012. The idea of this masterpiece is to beat the little bratty child down the course as Granny Smith (an old lady on rollerskates), collecting apples and coins along the way. There are obstacles that require you to flip over or hang from, some of which are quite challenging. It seems super simple, but trust me, it takes some work and dozens of restarts on some levels to get through them flawlessly.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

The basic version of Space Invaders has been available on mobile ever since there’s been Java, but the original monochromatic shooter just doesn’t cut it anyone in these days of expansive 3D mobile gaming. Enter Infinity Gene. Taito’s reinvention of the game with slick graphics, a more fluid control system, and an all-round retro aesthetics.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut

Appealing to a similar fanbase to The Secret of Monkey Island, Revolution’s much loved original Broken Sword had already been updated for DS and Wii, and it was this version which came to iPhone. Less funny than Monkey Island, its deep story and clever puzzles still stand the test of time – 13 years after its original release.


Oscura is one of those games that you probably haven’t heard much about.. It’s a 2D platform styled game, but the 3D visual effects make in one of the more beautiful releases of the year. Your goal is to retrieve shards of a crystal so that you can restore light in the land. There are creepy creatures, an amazing soundtrack, it’s incredibly challenging, and it’ll bring the Emo out of you immediately upon launch.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The best and most successful game series of the 2000s, GTA made its way to iPhone in the form of Chinatown Wars, a game previously released for DSi and PSP. This was no port however; rather a from-the-ground-up product designed to make the most out of portable devices. Epic in scale, the topdown game gives you plenty to drive around and shoot up, providing stacks of missions as well as a decent storyline.

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