Topmost iPhone 4S Games

iOS 5 operating system base games and apps for iphone are best. Some iphone games like infinity blade II, Real racing 2D are best and top iphone 4s games.

Topmost iPhone 4S Games

Best iPhone 4S Game Infinity Blade II

Apple has recently released iPhone 4S, a latest version of iPhone series which employs iOS 5 operating system and most modern & latest features of the games like Game Centre updates, big screen gaming via Airplay Mirroring and the faster, sharper graphics’ capabilities of that aforementioned dual-core A5 processor.

iOS 5 operating system base games and apps for iphone are best. Some iphone games like infinity blade II,  Real racing 2D are best and top iphone 4s games. For now though, here are the top five iOS – IPhone 4S games you need to know about.

Galaxy on Fire 2D 

  • Galaxy on fire 2D is best iPhone 4s games for iPhone. Fish lab’s Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is sci-fi epic that has been optimized to get the best out of the iPad 2 or new iPhone 4S, taking what is already an accomplished iOS game to the next level
  • Keith T. Maxwell is a great character and the game’s storyline is also sure to appeal to sci-fi freaks – as well as showing other iOS game designers how proper, in-depth mobile gaming really should be done.
  • Despite the hundreds of thousands of apps already available on iTunes, there still really aren’t enough games to get your teeth into on iOS. So with around 10 hours of gameplay, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is a good indicator of the way forward for proper iOS gaming.

Infinity blade II

  •  Apple claims that the graphics chip in the new iPhone 4S is seven times faster than the previous one in the iPhone 4.
  • The boundaries have been pushed of earlier achievements with tons of new content and unique new features added to create an incredible gaming experience.
  • The performance of this game will pave the way for the release of iPhone 4S upgraded version.
Touch tanks 2: Europe
  • Touch tanks 2 also a fantastic iPhone 4s game. FlipSide5 has updated the superb Touch Tanks 2: Europe to get the most out of the iPhone 4S’s new A5 chip, and, for those that have played previous versions of this great little WWII tank game, the improvements really show of the new gaming features of the 4S and iOS 5.
  • Touch Tanks Europe is already one of the best online real-time multi-player titles on iOS and it’s only set to get loads better if you are lucky enough to have an Apple TV with AirPlay Mirroring allowing you to stream your games to your HD TV in the comfort of your lounge.
Real racing 2D
  • Enjoy the amazing Real racing 2D iphone 4s game with your kids. Firemint’s Real Racing 2 HD is well-placed to be the first great iOS racing game to make full use of Apple’s new wireless full-screen gaming over AirPlay.
  • Firemint’s latest version of Real Racing 2 HDis has an option to play the game on your TV while viewing real-time race telemetry on your iPad 2.
  • Real racing 2D is a game changer. It brings a fresh, never-before-seen level of freedom to Real Racing 2 HD.
  • Precision steering and brilliant 3D visuals features make the gaming experience like never before.

Rage HD

  • id Software’s sublime iOS shooter Rage HD is the best game on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
  • John Carmack’s beautifully designed post-apocalyptic shooter is sure to show off the capabilities of the new iPhone 4S better than pretty much any other title out there.
  • If you play games on an iOS device, then this is one of the best touchscreen mobile gaming experiences ever developed.

Dead Space: A Survival Horror Game That Isn’t a Horror 

  • It is one of the best iOS games in EA’s 100-plus iTunes game collection. That is because it is the cruelest game for iPhone to date and maturity levelof game is very high.
  • The graphics may intimidate you into easing up on the controls, but so will the limited screen space. You can enhance the experience by playing this game on the ipad.
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